(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. video, TV; telefilm, kinescope; [video]tape; station, studio, channel, network, syndicate; closed-circuit, cable, or pay television; telecast; CATV. See communication.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. T.V., teevee, video, color television, home entertainment center, tube*, boob tube*, the eye*, box*; see also communications , station 7 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
TV, *tube, *boob tube, video, *telly, *idiotbox, console, set, entertainment center, *one-eyed monster. ''Chewing gum for the eyes.''—Frank Lloyd Wright. ''An invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn't have in your home.''—David Frost.
ABC: American Broadcasting Company
affiliated TV stations, collectively: network
audition for TV show, open: cattle call
award: Emmy
background scene slide: balop
BBC: British Broadcasting Corporation
brief clip of politician’s or other newsmaker’s remarks: soundbite
broadcast: air, telecast
broadcast on radio and TV at same time: simulcast
‘‘brought to you by’’ opening of show: opening billboard
camera crane for moving, outdoor shots: cherry picker
camera crane operator: crane grip
camera dolly, one who pushes: dolly grip
camera elevating device: riser
camera shot, moving: crab shot, dolly shot, truck shot
card with performer’s lines on it: cue card, idiot card, flip card
CBS: Columbia Broadcasting System
color test strip: color bar, colorburst
commercials, group of: pod
credits at end of show, moving: crawl
directing and engineering room: control room
distribution of TV shows to subscriber stations: syndication
distributor of TV shows: syndicate
8 P.M. to 11 P.M.: prime time
electrician head in studio: gaffer
goofs made by actors or crew edited out of tape: bloopers, outtakes
hand or assistant in studio: grip, hammer, set carpenter
high resolution television: HDTV (High Definition television)
identifying, introductory scenery of television show: signature montage
light, studio: floodlight, klieg light, scoop, basher
local prohibition of program to attract bigger audience at live show: blackout
local station part of national network: affiliate
microphone boom, long: *fishpole
minimum standard fee for performer: scale
monitor console from which director chooses which camera shot will air: preview
monitor moral standards, department that assures program meets society’s: standards and practices
narrator’s voice heard over program: voiceover
NBC: National Broadcasting Company
network performers under contract: stable
optical effect: freeze-frame, superimposition, split screen
optical effect used to create a ghost: Pepper’s ghost
optical transition device: wipe, dissolve, fade-in, fade-out, fade to black
performers in a show, collective term for: cast
portable television news camera: minicam
prerecorded laughter: laughtrack
prerecorded material: canned
promo piece of upcoming show: trailer, teaser, preview
rails on which camera may ride in outdoor, moving shot: dolly tracks
ratings company: Arbitron, A.C. Nielson
ratings months: sweeps
read script from front of television camera, device that allows actor to: prompter, teleprompter
record a program: tape
recorded as it happened with no takeouts: live on tape
record in sound effects, music: dub, foley
red light on camera that lights during recording: tally light
regulating commission: FCC (Federal Communications Commission)
royalty paid to performers for reuse of their work: residual
satellite used for television transmission: *bird
scrambling pay television signals: encryption
show where performer or camera will stand or move: block
situation comedy: sitcom
sound effect: foley
sound effects, one who performs: foley artist
sound effects studio: foley studio, foley stage
studio scaffolding where lights are hung: catwalk
superimposed script read from television camera’s lens: prompter script
superimposed text on screen: legend
superimposes bulletins, news, weather on bottom of screen, apparatus that: flashcaster
superimpose text on screen: key
talk show, cancel a guest at the last minute on a: bump
talk show waiting room for guests: green room
tear down a set: strike
time off between show’s taping: hiatus
trailer with dressing rooms for shooting on location: honey wagon
transmission of show from network to local station: feed
tryout episode of television show: pilot
union for performers: AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)
videotape cutter, splicer, arranger: editor
‘‘We’ll be back after these messages’’ transitional device: bumper
unscrambling of pay TV signals: decryption
video disk jockey: veejay (VJ)
see movie

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